New Year Resolution same as before?

Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia are just some of the Mental Health Problems that I help people work through and resolve.

As a Body Mind Worker (BMW) using the Hudson Mind Theory I educate and guide people in how their Mind Works. Learning about your subconscious communication causes an interruption of problems and patterns and creates a new awareness of your below conscious drivers.

Your conscious mind is your decision maker and it is only 10% of your being.   Every decision you make is based upon all your previous learnings, which forms the other 90%.  Imagine how much more focused and successful you will be when you’re able to relearn from old learnings and get your subconscious mind on your side so you can achieve those goals you have been wanting for so long.

In a session you are given the opportunity to learn what your subconscious is communication and this learning allows for natural changes that fit in with you that you choose.  It’s all done in an upbeat, interesting and relaxed session in person or online.

Just in a conversation, using the art of language you can over come and change from physical, mental and emotional problems.
If you know someone who is really ready for change now, let them know help is available & share this post 🙂
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Nic Wood - Pain Relief - Conscious and Subconscious Mind Balance
!0% of you is conscious, 90% is Below conscious

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