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Connecting You with Your Mind

 In a time when we are becoming more aware of Mental Health and the impact it has over our whole life a greater number of people are reaching out for help.  

Whether this is for overcoming problems or to enhance and improve from their current state, it is becoming more important for people to begin taking control back of their lives. 

Information is Knowledge, ‘Knowledge is Power’ and the more information you have on how your mind works the more power and control you will have in acting and being the 

person you want to be.

Taking the first step in any direction can be a huge leap.  And sometimes it’s difficult to know which way to turn, so many choices, so much information out there.

Perhaps you’re looking for yourself or for someone else, either way a simple message is a start, a good start.  If you’re curious, even if you don’t quite know what you want yet, thats ok, get in touch in your own way. 

I help people get through tough times and so much more.

 Whats written below describes in more detail how i work.  You may want this information or you may just want a bit of time to get to get to grips with the idea of doing something to begin making changes.  Sometimes just asking for help can be the game changer.


As a Mind Coach using iSwipe I educate and guide in How Your Mind Works drawing on your body language to convey your below conscious communication back to you.  This causes an interruption of neurology, old subconscious patterns, which causes you to change naturally in an upbeat, interesting and light way.  This can also open up learnings as to what is driving any destructive behaviours on a below conscious level.  This educational based approach is all done in a conversation and has been developed to effectively treat a myriad of mental, physical and behavioural conditions in a fraction of time when compared to other conventional methods.

95% of clients noticed an improvement in symptoms in 3 sessions

‘The Screen’ – The Hudson Mind Theory© (HMT)

The Screen’ The term coined by Matt Hudson to help people understand and get to grips with where we store information in our minds.  Our Biofield, this is what we subconsciously respond to which allows us to interact in life as human beings.  The most current up to date science is showing that our mind is outside of us.  This means memories, information, experiences, all our life’s ‘happenings’ are stored in a Biofield outside of us.  All this information could be simply called ‘learnings’ because it allows us to interact with world and others around us.  These learnings are continually being referred to and replayed in our minds, outside of us, giving us this ability to function and interact.  Problems arise when these experiences are stored with an emotion.  These are know as Emotional Memory Images (EMI’s) and they can be limiting, preventing us from thriving and developing in life.  They cause us to stay stuck and can lead to many of the following common conditions.

Memories can be linked with all the emotions we experience but it’s the memories that are perceived as a trauma that will often be the root cause of our problems.  A trauma is simply put a memory linked with a negative emotion, an Emotional Memory Image (EMI).  This could be an incident in the past that was a threat to our survival, a situation that we didn’t understand or felt helpless in. If these memories have not been processed, understood, resolved (how ever we could be choosing to word it) by the subconscious mind, it will still be repeating and playing on our screen influencing our thoughts and actions.  And because it is coming from the outside in, this means the memory has the ability to trigger our fight or flight mechanism in our brain.  We are firing a fight or flight response in our body from our own thoughts and experiences – HMT

During a session I work with you to gain access to what is causing your problem.  As an iSwipe trained practitioner I observe where you are storing this information in your mind using your body language, and all your below conscious cues and markers.  This brings new information in to you and we can then work to alter and change how or what you are experiencing.  I check in with you moment by moment recalibrating as the changes are happening.  You will be learning how your mind works and what has been driving you on a below conscious level.

The subconscious mind is super fast at communicating and indicates before we vocalise.  So it is the moment of accessing the problem that is most important.

This means the problem doesn’t need to be described in detail, if at all. The more we talk about a problem the more we are bringing it up on our screen which fires up our fight or flight response creating stress in our body.  As we talk about the problem, bringing it into our mind has in itself a physiological effect of shunting blood from our forebrain to our primitive brain, and this means we can not think logically about our problem and simply put we produce more stress hormones.   

Its fascinating watching how the mind is working and so beautiful witnessing the changes.

Want a bit more science?  Below for you……….

The Cerebellum or the small brain is responsible for the regulation of motor movements. Posture, coordination, stability and even speech are linked to this part of the brain that allows all of this information to run smoothly through our muscular activity. Although about 10% of the total weight of the brain it holds over 50% of the brain’s neurons, so it may be an older part of the brain from an evolutionary stance, yet it’s input to our everyday lives is crucial. 

The Amygdala is associated with emotions, pain and pleasure and it drives motivation for both. A simple way to think about the amygdala is as a fear response, if there is any sign of danger the amygdala will act as a turbo booster and thrust the rest of the body into taking action. Sometimes fatigue and lethargy are actions too, as by appearing sick, a predator may leave you alone. 

Brodmann’s Area 19 (BA19) is where raw images from the eyes are first registered and then the information is quickly distributed to other areas of the brain where by meanings can be interpreted about what has been seen. 

Emotional Memory Image (EMI) is an image that holds emotional content that has not yet been processed via Brodmann’s Area 19 

The Screen is the term given to the holographic working space in front of a person. It is here, we hypothesise, that the Emotional Memory Images are stored intact until they are worked with, using the Hudson Mind Theory©, to allow for Brodmann’s Area 19 to disseminate the EMI as it would any other raw images.   

Fight, Flight, Freeze, Flock…  are all the ways the Amygdala can choose to cope with a threat.



Why is it so Difficult?

Ever wondered why it’s so hard for people to speak out when they’re suffering from depression?
You hear of people taking their lives without anyone else knowing, seeing the shock of the others they were closest to.
Our mind keeps us inside our head, in a problem state we internalise everything, even to consider talking about it can be an uphill struggle. So much going on inside and don’t know how or where to begin.
When in it, you know it.
A start can come from sending a message, just a gentle enquiry can open so many possibilities……

send me a message

Nic Wood - Pain Relief
Depression, Anxiety, Behavioural Problems, Mental Health Disorders. Nic Wood – Pain Relief

What is the difference between how I work and other conventional methods of helping people with Mental Health Disorders.

It uses the most current up to date information on how the mind works.

Life coaches, who have been taught to read non-verbal communication to the highest level, are more likely to be able to help you to change your mind for the better.

You dont go into detail about your problems. Sessions are kept upbeat, light and with humour and learning.

It uses the most current up to date information on how the mind works. Can you imagine what it was like making a phone call in the early 1900’s? Having to go through the operator, shouting, crackly and difficult to hear?! Then how it evolved and improved in speed in clarity, let alone the size of the device. And now? Wow, the speed, quality, size and add on’s…. conference calling, seeing someone face to face no matter what the distance between you.
This is how the Hudson Mind Theory compares. Matt uses the latest science and understanding of the mind coming to give us the fastest, clearest most efficient and effective way of helping people to change. Why crawl when you can run?

95% of client’s working with a Body Mind Worker have reported that their condition has improved within in three sessions or less.


Life coaches, who have been taught to read non-verbal communication to the highest level, are more likely to be able to help you to change your mind for the better.
The Hudson Mind Process (HMP) has been used effectively to treat many different mental health conditions and the reason it can be applied to so many diverse issues is simple, these life coaching sessions focus directly on how you access the area right in front of you whilst you think about your problem. Each tiny micro movement and ideo-motor response that your body produces is analysed and fed back to you; creating a direct pathway from your below conscious communication to your consciousness.


You dont go into detail about your problems. Sessions are kept upbeat, light and with humour and learning.
This unique life coaching process is carried out with the minimal amount of content, which means that you don’t have to tell your life coach the story behind your problem. As you begin to do your problem that is when we can read your below conscious communication back to you. Going into detail only perpetuates the cycle, reproduces the negative chemistry and deepens the wound. No detail means a lighter upbeat session and we bring humour in to the learning to create the best chemistry in you which is proven to enhance learning and creativity. All this creates a win-win scenario for both you and me 🙂


Silent Communication

If verbal communication is only 20% what is the other 80% saying?

After two days up in NEC at the Therapy Expo, we had the opportunity to share the HMP with people already in the field of helping others.
What do we do? We create a learning environment which allows people to understand how the mind works
How can this help? Learning how the mind works gives you the most incredible skills to observe how and what a person is truly communicating. If verbal communication is only 20% what is the other 80% saying? and how do you learn to interpret it?

Reading the silent communication, that which is below conscious, as a practitioner helps you to notice what your client is really saying. What are they genuinely communicating to you?

The Therapy Expo gave us the opportunity to show other practitioners what they could be learning to enhance their already existing practices.

Learn all that you can about the Body & Mind. For more details click here.

Therapy Expo – Birmingham NEC 21st – 22nd Nov 2018

Taking the Hudson Mind Theory to Birmingham…….

Here for a two day education conference and exhibition! Woo hoo, Sharing the HMT with professionals for the best possible patient outcomes.

“Therapy professionals are under increasing pressure to help relieve the burden on frontline NHS services”

The importance of integrating the power of the Mind along side physical hands on therapies is a must to create longterm whole integrated change.

Click Here for Training

Body Mind Workers at the NEC Therapy Expo 2018


Remembrance Day

Lest we forget that those that survive can often return home with more that what they left with. A traumatic incident can Leave an imprint on a mind and PTSD can rarely be changed with medication. The mind needs to change what it is experiencing.

How can HMT – Hudson Mind Theory help?
What if the mind is outside of us, a screen in front of us where our memories are stored.

If a significant event is imprinted on our mind and is continuously playing on our screen outside of us then this could answer the long asked question of “why is it someone with PTSD has a highly stimulated visual cortex when they are just looking at a blank wall?

Brodmann’s Area 19, part of our Visual Cortex is continuously lit up in someone experiencing PTSD.  Anything coming in from out side of us goes through the visual cortex, if a viewed image is traumatic, not understood or unknown then our fight or flight response is triggered.  If this trigger is not understood, changed or filed away then it gets stuck and repeatedly plays on our screen causing a constant stress response.  Stuck in fight or flight.  For a more scientific description, click here  The Hudson Mind Theory

As a body mind worker the HMT uses language and you, your mind to allow you to process and change what is on your screen, on your mind. You don’t have to talk about the experience, some people don’t even remember the experience or block it out, and this is ok, because its the subconscious thats stuck in the problem and this means your subconscious is doing the problem and it knows how to make your change.

Medication can not change a memory, it can make it hazier or easier to manage, but until that memory is processed, mental health problems, flash backs, physical health issues, addictions will almost certainly arise.
As a Body Mind Worker using the HMT I can help.

Grief and Loss – Helping Children

Grief, Helping Children to Cope

Dealing with grief is not something you can predict or direct. We are all different and cope with things in our own way and this is ok. Sometimes people can get stuck and have difficulty processing and therefore moving on. This can result in depression, anxiety or general withdrawal.

Children are so observant and receptive they deal with their own grief and pick up, know and react to the grief of others. How much they perceive that you perhaps think they are protected from.

In a sensitive and informal session I can work with any age group to allow for letting go, acceptance or what ever it is that is needed to allow for moving on. Not just to survive but to have the opportunity to thrive, beginning to open up again to all of their full potential, enjoying possibilities and opportunities that lie ahead….



Change our Mind change our Problems…..

Reaching for the Rennie?

Antacids successfully change the uncomfortable feeling in us but only temporarily, in fact they only hinder and worsen the underlying problem.

Why do you even have a problem in the first place?
If you read last weeks post you may remember or already know a stressed person doesn’t digest food.  Our body is getting prepared to run like hell…… not producing acid to digest.  In fact to be even more specific to the above statement of “Reaching for the Rennie” – “the chances of you producing too much acid even when you are not stressed is as rare as hens teeth” – Austen Burns-Jones – The Offensive Health Book
Great book by the way, really interesting and refreshing insights into allowing us to take back responsibility for our health and wellbeing.

The discomfort from acid indigestion is the side effect of rotting food. When acid production is compromised our food travels through the gut undigested, it is the acids and gases from this bubbling up that cause the unpleasant symptoms.

If you are continually experiencing stress, consciously or subconsciously your  body will not be in the right state for digestion to occur and your physical symptoms and problem will continue.

If you know what your stress is and there is a possibility it will continue, ie work, family, finance, would you like help in managing this? Could you imagine what it would be like to change and no longer be reacting in the stressful way. Could you imagine actually responding in a balanced, calm or even positive way to old stressors!?! Be pretty good right?!

Somepeople don’t know what the stressor is, everything on the outside seems fine but inside they are not happy or keep struggling in certain area’s of their life and yet it may not make sense. Wouldn’t it be nice to become more you again, the days and times where you do feel good to be this more frequently?

As a mind coach we can give you the opportunity to learn how your pre-programmed thinking is causing your reoccurring problems.
Get to the root of it…….. uncover or just process without revivifying what it was that is triggering you with the help of a Hudson Mind Theory Practitioner………. Yes. that’s Me 🙂

You may have heard or read me referring to myself as a  Body Mind Worker, I still do, yet we are being more specific with what work we are actually using to help people successfully change …. The Hudson Mind Theory HMT. 

Stress, Gut Health & Your Mind

How many people do you know are suffering with digestive problems, ie IBS & Food Intolerances? Could this be stress related?

Change the way your mind responds to external stimulus, relax and enjoy life as a Human Being again.

Stress and Gut Health…..

This weekend was a new experience for me as I took part in a Freediving Competition.  And my nerves nearly got the better of me, trying to calm my heart and let go of tension that day was such an obstacle that it has lead me to mention anxiety and stress and the impact it can have on us physically.  Because lets face it…. Stress and Anxiety is pretty much every where today is it not!?

The symptoms of stress are so very real and very unpleasant, manifesting in so many ways, and that competition gave me a direct insight into how this impacted physically on my body.  

I ate a small bit of food after my first event and then just felt it sit there in my tum, I literally just felt it there, I wasn’t digesting my food!  Many of you already know that stress directs our blood to the parts of us that are needed in the fight or flight response……. Our heart, our strong legs, etc.  It certainly is not going to our digestive system when we’re stressed or anxious! 

Even low level stress is still stress, and this means our blood is being directed to our primitive system for fight or flight, being shunted away from the areas that allow us to rest and repair.  

How many people do you know are suffering with digestive problems? Ie IBS, Food Intolerances, and could this be stress related?   

How many of these people are possibly using diet, supplements or other physical means to change symptoms?

What about the stress stimulus itself?  

What is it that could be causing our minds to trigger the stress response and possibly with out us even knowing? 

Imagine if you were able to change the way your mind responded to a certain situation, person or challenge so you could continue what you were doing in a way that allowed your body to be functioning efficiently and effectively?  And this means allowing you to think logically and creatively enabling you to respond in the way that you know you can and want to.  This change in mind would lead to a change in the physiological symptoms that are a result of mental stresses.

As a Body Mind Worker I work with people so they can begin to notice how their minds work and what could be triggering their problem.  They don’t even need to know what the problem is, because lets be honest, if we knew what was behind our problems there is a big possibility we would have sorted it by now! Right!? 

As we begin to notice what we hadn’t been noticing we naturally begin to change, we develop new ways of looking at things, or are just able to process information we hadn’t yet processed and can begin looking with fresh eyes on old problems.  All this allows for our system to relearn and upgrade so we are no longer being influenced by old patterns and memories.  Our system is always ready for an upgrade.  

If this sounds like someone you know, then you are very welcome to share this information and if your deciding now to begin making some changes just give me a call on 07825286627 or email  

Discovering New Passions

An inspiring email came through today from, have a read, see what you think……… 

Jacques Cousteau dreamed of becoming a naval aircraft pilot

He passed the difficult exams.

Made it into the naval training academy.

And was right on track to achieve his goal!

Then, just a few days short of graduation, Jacques was in a horrible car accident leaving him paralysed down the right side of his body.

His aviation dreams were over.

Needless to say, it was a terrible time.

After months of therapy, Jacques found comfort in swimming as a way to rebuild his strength.

And started to spend more and more time in the sea near his home in southern France.

Pretty soon, he even designed a new pair of swimming goggles to see better underwater… and that’s when he made a life changing discovery.

Jacques was awestruck by the rich underwater life.

Over the years his new passion led him to develop better gear for deep sea diving and new underwater filming techniques, so he could bring this new world to the masses.

And today, Jacques Cousteau is known as the father of modern scuba diving.

So, it just goes to show – despite horrifying setbacks, it’s possible to find your true calling and discover new passions even through the most challenging moments of your life.

And as a hypnotist that’s exactly something you’re trained to help others do!

It’s an incredible gift to give someone, wouldn’t you say?

Jacques Cousteau Silentworld