Grief and Loss – Helping Children

Grief, Helping Children to Cope

Dealing with grief is not something you can predict or direct. We are all different and cope with things in our own way and this is ok. Sometimes people can get stuck and have difficulty processing and therefore moving on. This can result in depression, anxiety or general withdrawal.

Children are so observant and receptive they deal with their own grief and pick up, know and react to the grief of others. How much they perceive that you perhaps think they are protected from.

In a sensitive and informal session I can work with any age group to allow for letting go, acceptance or what ever it is that is needed to allow for moving on. Not just to survive but to have the opportunity to thrive, beginning to open up again to all of their full potential, enjoying possibilities and opportunities that lie ahead….



Change our Mind change our Problems…..

Reaching for the Rennie?

Antacids successfully change the uncomfortable feeling in us but only temporarily, in fact they only hinder and worsen the underlying problem.

Why do you even have a problem in the first place?
If you read last weeks post you may remember or already know a stressed person doesn’t digest food.  Our body is getting prepared to run like hell…… not producing acid to digest.  In fact to be even more specific to the above statement of “Reaching for the Rennie” – “the chances of you producing too much acid even when you are not stressed is as rare as hens teeth” – Austen Burns-Jones – The Offensive Health Book
Great book by the way, really interesting and refreshing insights into allowing us to take back responsibility for our health and wellbeing.

The discomfort from acid indigestion is the side effect of rotting food. When acid production is compromised our food travels through the gut undigested, it is the acids and gases from this bubbling up that cause the unpleasant symptoms.

If you are continually experiencing stress, consciously or subconsciously your  body will not be in the right state for digestion to occur and your physical symptoms and problem will continue.

If you know what your stress is and there is a possibility it will continue, ie work, family, finance, would you like help in managing this? Could you imagine what it would be like to change and no longer be reacting in the stressful way. Could you imagine actually responding in a balanced, calm or even positive way to old stressors!?! Be pretty good right?!

Somepeople don’t know what the stressor is, everything on the outside seems fine but inside they are not happy or keep struggling in certain area’s of their life and yet it may not make sense. Wouldn’t it be nice to become more you again, the days and times where you do feel good to be this more frequently?

As a mind coach we can give you the opportunity to learn how your pre-programmed thinking is causing your reoccurring problems.
Get to the root of it…….. uncover or just process without revivifying what it was that is triggering you with the help of a Hudson Mind Theory Practitioner………. Yes. that’s Me 🙂

You may have heard or read me referring to myself as a  Body Mind Worker, I still do, yet we are being more specific with what work we are actually using to help people successfully change …. The Hudson Mind Theory HMT. 

What do you Want? Where are you Heading?

It is easy for us to know what we don’t want, but what is it we do want?

And how can working with our Minds give us direction?

I want to grow my business, evolving it more into the mind side of things.  Its been mentioned a few times over the last few weeks about people having a ‘Bigger Picture’, ie what they want, goals in life, dreams to aspire to.  So many people can loose sight of what it is they really want because they are so consumed with a problem or focusing on what it is they don’t want.  If this is true……..   “where attention goes energy flows”  well then wouldn’t it possibly be quite important to have something in mind that you want.  

The Hudson Mind Theory (HMT) puts it out there that cancer patients may often not have a ‘Bigger Picture.’  They are given a diagnosis that can completely consume them replacing what was their future ‘Bigger Picture’ with a scary diagnosis.  Without any dreams or goals or anything to get up for you can begin to see and get a feel of how hard it is for people to focus on anything else other that the problem.  

Our mind plays out in images, in front of us, on our screen (HMT) Like a car windscreen it’s good to see where we are going is it not?  Imagine having a crap problem right in the middle of your screen, you cant head anywhere else right?  Or it just makes it flipping hard to see where your going!  I guess I can think of myself as a teacher/mechanic, showing people how to use the windscreen wipers, or fill up with water, even adding a bit of antifreeze.  Changing the the view can make things a lot more fun and may actually free up energy to continue on the journey stopping off at any points along the way to enjoy too.

I love working with people helping them to get a sense of what it is they really want and then helping them to realise this using tools as a Body Mind Worker.  Using all of their senses for them to create their ‘Bigger Picture.’  Its as i’m writing this i’m thinking well then………  what is it about growing my business I want specifically?? So perhaps its time for me to do a bit more goal setting as they change all the time, as we evolve and flow with life so we change in so many ways……   & “That is the sound of Inevitability”  Matrix – Got to love it, not just a film!

So watch this space people because working with people using the Hudson Mind Theory, as a Body Mind Worker knocks my socks off.  I love giving people the space and tools to help them uncover and re-learn from their past events to allow them to grow and blossom and I so want to have more opportunities to work this way.  Its time to spread this beautiful work even more……….

Stress, Gut Health & Your Mind

How many people do you know are suffering with digestive problems, ie IBS & Food Intolerances? Could this be stress related?

Change the way your mind responds to external stimulus, relax and enjoy life as a Human Being again.

Stress and Gut Health…..

This weekend was a new experience for me as I took part in a Freediving Competition.  And my nerves nearly got the better of me, trying to calm my heart and let go of tension that day was such an obstacle that it has lead me to mention anxiety and stress and the impact it can have on us physically.  Because lets face it…. Stress and Anxiety is pretty much every where today is it not!?

The symptoms of stress are so very real and very unpleasant, manifesting in so many ways, and that competition gave me a direct insight into how this impacted physically on my body.  

I ate a small bit of food after my first event and then just felt it sit there in my tum, I literally just felt it there, I wasn’t digesting my food!  Many of you already know that stress directs our blood to the parts of us that are needed in the fight or flight response……. Our heart, our strong legs, etc.  It certainly is not going to our digestive system when we’re stressed or anxious! 

Even low level stress is still stress, and this means our blood is being directed to our primitive system for fight or flight, being shunted away from the areas that allow us to rest and repair.  

How many people do you know are suffering with digestive problems? Ie IBS, Food Intolerances, and could this be stress related?   

How many of these people are possibly using diet, supplements or other physical means to change symptoms?

What about the stress stimulus itself?  

What is it that could be causing our minds to trigger the stress response and possibly with out us even knowing? 

Imagine if you were able to change the way your mind responded to a certain situation, person or challenge so you could continue what you were doing in a way that allowed your body to be functioning efficiently and effectively?  And this means allowing you to think logically and creatively enabling you to respond in the way that you know you can and want to.  This change in mind would lead to a change in the physiological symptoms that are a result of mental stresses.

As a Body Mind Worker I work with people so they can begin to notice how their minds work and what could be triggering their problem.  They don’t even need to know what the problem is, because lets be honest, if we knew what was behind our problems there is a big possibility we would have sorted it by now! Right!? 

As we begin to notice what we hadn’t been noticing we naturally begin to change, we develop new ways of looking at things, or are just able to process information we hadn’t yet processed and can begin looking with fresh eyes on old problems.  All this allows for our system to relearn and upgrade so we are no longer being influenced by old patterns and memories.  Our system is always ready for an upgrade.  

If this sounds like someone you know, then you are very welcome to share this information and if your deciding now to begin making some changes just give me a call on 07825286627 or email  

What is Hudson Mind Theory?

This Post was written by a Friend of mine, Danny Greeves.

We Have just returned from a weeks training programme 18 of us, with Matt Hudson in Antwerp.  Immersing ourselves for a whole week in this training allows us to clean our slates so to speak, this means when we work with others we are able to support them fully and allow them to shine.

What is the Hudson Mind Theory©?

Now usually I would follow this question on by talking about how each of us has an invisible screen, and how the information on this screen directs what chemicals our brain makes, which in turn leads us to feel a certain way. Through changing the information on this screen, we can change our thoughts, our behaviours, and our identity, as in to change the ‘who’ we are being.

And yet, after going through this week’s training course about family rules, this explanation just isn’t anywhere near enough. So I thought I would give you a little more insight into what the Hudson Mind Theory is really about after this week…

The effect and impact of mental health is growing day by day. The ever increasing statistics of anxiety, depression, and chronic pain show the alarm bells are on at full throttle. People are crying out for help, and the current education and medical models are not working.

People are dying.

And it is happening every day.

Mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters are losing their loved ones because through the way they have been taught growing up, or at times and places where their spirit has been oppressed, they believe they are broken, they can’t change, or because the pain they are experiencing is so great there is only one solution, and that is to leave this world.

There is a better way.

The etymology of the word education is an interesting one. It stems from the latin word ‘educere’, evolving to the word ‘educe’, which means to bring out, to extract, or to draw out. The 15th Century word ‘educaten’ means to ‘bring up children, to train’.

The Hudson Mind Theory can therefore be described as a powerful and inspiring education.

There is a plethora of research around what type of environment stimulates learning and education.

In a nutshell, human beings learn when they are in a space where they feel safe, where they can enjoy and express themselves, where they can be listened to, where they can speak their mind and know that whatever their thoughts, they will receive feedback and not criticism. We learn when the teacher inspires us, when the teacher can reach us at a personal level; not as a room of robots who are all the same, but as a group of unique individuals who share a common goal. We learn when the content of information is interesting, when we are engaged in the subject matter, and this happens when we can make a meaningful connection with it.

We learn when we are having fun, and we learn most effectively through experience.

This is the environment created by the Hudson Mind Theory.

Over this past week, people of different nationalities, locations, ages and genders have come together. Of course as a group of people, we each also come along with a collection of our own individual problems, each with their own unique shapes and sizes.

There were no labels, it was not ‘Mr Generalised Social Anxiety Disorder’, sitting next to ‘Mrs Depression’, facing ‘Mr Chronic Pain’. It was a group of human beings coming together in an environment learning what it means to be human again, where we could just become better versions of ourselves. A place where everyone just wanted more.

‘More’ of what you may ask???  More peace, more self-worth, more self-validation, more connection, more happiness. Whatever is was, it doesn’t matter.

To put it into another nutshell, more love.

What I have seen over the past week is a teacher who created an environment where human beings thrive. Where people connect with each other. There was side splitting laughter, there were tears of pain and tears of joy… and that was just me.

What I have experienced this week has been a group of people transform.

The learning has been phenomenal, we have learned about how the mind works and how we are set up for survival. We explored how the relationships we have with our primary caregivers growing up impacts upon us, and how we all want to thrive. Through this, an environment was created where personal growth happened easily and effortlessly.

The Hudson Mind Theory is an educational approach. It draws out your talents, your joys, and your love of life. It brings out that special thing about what it is to be human, and to be around other humans that just want to connect and have fun.

It helps you notice your childhood attitudes, behaviours and beliefs that are still present today without you even knowing. It helps you shine a light on past childhood unresolved pains, and it helps you evolve into a flexible, adaptable human being. It helps you move to a place where you have choice. Where you can choose to enjoy something with the excitement of a child, or choose to deal with something with the assertiveness of an adult.

The Hudson Mind Theory gives you choices. The choice to be who you want to be in each moment.

So in a world where people are struggling, where mental health is on the rise and chronic conditions remain more untreatable than ever despite the billions pumped in to find drugs to ‘fix’ them, I’ll leave you with just one thought…

What could happen if we were to each invest some time in experiencing the environment created by the Hudson Mind Theory? To truly connect with other people again, to truly reconnect with ourselves again, and to re-learn what it means to be human.

What would be possible then…


“Why is it that some clients remain with their problem even after every avenue for help and relief has been explored?” Matt Hudson

Ever wondered why you continually repeat the same problems, or same patterns? Want help breaking a problem cycle?
Our Subconscious mind excels at sticking to the road already travelled making it impossible to get off, and consciously we don’t know what route we are stuck on else if we did we’d get ourselves off of it would we not?
Because it is Subconscious, below our conscious awareness, we need someone out side of ourselves to guide us and coach us on what we are doing that we are not yet aware of. Helping us to break old patterns and redirect our focus so our subconscious can excel and help us reach the goals that we really do want.
Call Nic for an appointment 07825286627

Discovering New Passions

An inspiring email came through today from, have a read, see what you think……… 

Jacques Cousteau dreamed of becoming a naval aircraft pilot

He passed the difficult exams.

Made it into the naval training academy.

And was right on track to achieve his goal!

Then, just a few days short of graduation, Jacques was in a horrible car accident leaving him paralysed down the right side of his body.

His aviation dreams were over.

Needless to say, it was a terrible time.

After months of therapy, Jacques found comfort in swimming as a way to rebuild his strength.

And started to spend more and more time in the sea near his home in southern France.

Pretty soon, he even designed a new pair of swimming goggles to see better underwater… and that’s when he made a life changing discovery.

Jacques was awestruck by the rich underwater life.

Over the years his new passion led him to develop better gear for deep sea diving and new underwater filming techniques, so he could bring this new world to the masses.

And today, Jacques Cousteau is known as the father of modern scuba diving.

So, it just goes to show – despite horrifying setbacks, it’s possible to find your true calling and discover new passions even through the most challenging moments of your life.

And as a hypnotist that’s exactly something you’re trained to help others do!

It’s an incredible gift to give someone, wouldn’t you say?

Jacques Cousteau Silentworld