What do you Want? Where are you Heading?

It is easy for us to know what we don’t want, but what is it we do want?

And how can working with our Minds give us direction?

I want to grow my business, evolving it more into the mind side of things.  Its been mentioned a few times over the last few weeks about people having a ‘Bigger Picture’, ie what they want, goals in life, dreams to aspire to.  So many people can loose sight of what it is they really want because they are so consumed with a problem or focusing on what it is they don’t want.  If this is true……..   “where attention goes energy flows”  well then wouldn’t it possibly be quite important to have something in mind that you want.  

The Hudson Mind Theory (HMT) puts it out there that cancer patients may often not have a ‘Bigger Picture.’  They are given a diagnosis that can completely consume them replacing what was their future ‘Bigger Picture’ with a scary diagnosis.  Without any dreams or goals or anything to get up for you can begin to see and get a feel of how hard it is for people to focus on anything else other that the problem.  

Our mind plays out in images, in front of us, on our screen (HMT) Like a car windscreen it’s good to see where we are going is it not?  Imagine having a crap problem right in the middle of your screen, you cant head anywhere else right?  Or it just makes it flipping hard to see where your going!  I guess I can think of myself as a teacher/mechanic, showing people how to use the windscreen wipers, or fill up with water, even adding a bit of antifreeze.  Changing the the view can make things a lot more fun and may actually free up energy to continue on the journey stopping off at any points along the way to enjoy too.

I love working with people helping them to get a sense of what it is they really want and then helping them to realise this using tools as a Body Mind Worker.  Using all of their senses for them to create their ‘Bigger Picture.’  Its as i’m writing this i’m thinking well then………  what is it about growing my business I want specifically?? So perhaps its time for me to do a bit more goal setting as they change all the time, as we evolve and flow with life so we change in so many ways……   & “That is the sound of Inevitability”  Matrix – Got to love it, not just a film!

So watch this space people because working with people using the Hudson Mind Theory, as a Body Mind Worker knocks my socks off.  I love giving people the space and tools to help them uncover and re-learn from their past events to allow them to grow and blossom and I so want to have more opportunities to work this way.  Its time to spread this beautiful work even more……….

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