Stress, Gut Health & Your Mind

How many people do you know are suffering with digestive problems, ie IBS & Food Intolerances? Could this be stress related?

Change the way your mind responds to external stimulus, relax and enjoy life as a Human Being again.

Stress and Gut Health…..

This weekend was a new experience for me as I took part in a Freediving Competition.  And my nerves nearly got the better of me, trying to calm my heart and let go of tension that day was such an obstacle that it has lead me to mention anxiety and stress and the impact it can have on us physically.  Because lets face it…. Stress and Anxiety is pretty much every where today is it not!?

The symptoms of stress are so very real and very unpleasant, manifesting in so many ways, and that competition gave me a direct insight into how this impacted physically on my body.  

I ate a small bit of food after my first event and then just felt it sit there in my tum, I literally just felt it there, I wasn’t digesting my food!  Many of you already know that stress directs our blood to the parts of us that are needed in the fight or flight response……. Our heart, our strong legs, etc.  It certainly is not going to our digestive system when we’re stressed or anxious! 

Even low level stress is still stress, and this means our blood is being directed to our primitive system for fight or flight, being shunted away from the areas that allow us to rest and repair.  

How many people do you know are suffering with digestive problems? Ie IBS, Food Intolerances, and could this be stress related?   

How many of these people are possibly using diet, supplements or other physical means to change symptoms?

What about the stress stimulus itself?  

What is it that could be causing our minds to trigger the stress response and possibly with out us even knowing? 

Imagine if you were able to change the way your mind responded to a certain situation, person or challenge so you could continue what you were doing in a way that allowed your body to be functioning efficiently and effectively?  And this means allowing you to think logically and creatively enabling you to respond in the way that you know you can and want to.  This change in mind would lead to a change in the physiological symptoms that are a result of mental stresses.

As a Body Mind Worker I work with people so they can begin to notice how their minds work and what could be triggering their problem.  They don’t even need to know what the problem is, because lets be honest, if we knew what was behind our problems there is a big possibility we would have sorted it by now! Right!? 

As we begin to notice what we hadn’t been noticing we naturally begin to change, we develop new ways of looking at things, or are just able to process information we hadn’t yet processed and can begin looking with fresh eyes on old problems.  All this allows for our system to relearn and upgrade so we are no longer being influenced by old patterns and memories.  Our system is always ready for an upgrade.  

If this sounds like someone you know, then you are very welcome to share this information and if your deciding now to begin making some changes just give me a call on 07825286627 or email  

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