Sports & Remedial Massage

Sports & Remedial MassageSports and remedial massage offers a physically deeper method of helping to relieve pain, discomfort and movement restriction. Trained with the London School of Sports Massage the high level of assessing, treating and rehabilitation is far exceeding any sports massage courses available today.

Sports massage being a bit misleading as this treatment is available to anyone. Sat at an office desk unknown to many is a real work out for certain muscles having to maintain that posture for long periods of time!

It is because of athletes that have benefited long term from this kind of treatment that it has become widely recognised for everyone as a way of feeling better, stronger and balanced. A conscientious person who has treatments as part of their regular programme will find an improvement in recovery time from any activity, injury prevention, postural improvement, performance and function enhancement.

Sports & Remedial Massage

Massage is well known for its ability to help improve blood flow to local areas encouraging tissue healing and repairing, with this level 5 Diploma the massage is a tool to “Remedying” the underlying problem.

A full body assessment is given to allow for the understanding of where the problem may be coming from and a range of soft tissue techniques used along with a follow up rehabilitation plan so as to help maintain a long term improvement. Rehabilitation really helps to consolidate the work achieved in the clinic, designing a programme specifically tailored for each individual client will assist in further progress that can be done at home for free.

This treatment is suitable for any one suffering with:

  • Pain and Discomfort
  • Movement Restriction
  • Joint Problems
  • Postural Assistance
  • Injuries, Recent or Longstanding
  • Long Term/Chronic Conditions
  • Active Sporting Persons with Re-occurring Discrepancies