Mind Coaching

In a time when we are becoming more aware of Mental Health and the impact it has over our whole life a greater number of people are reaching out for help.  

Whether this is for overcoming problems or to enhance and improve from their current state, it is becoming more important for people to begin taking control back of their lives. 

Information is Knowledge, ‘Knowledge is Power’ and the more information you have on how your mind works the more power and control you will have in acting and being the person you want to be.

Taking the first step in any direction can be a huge leap.  And sometimes it’s difficult to know which way to turn, so many choices, so much information out there.

Perhaps you’re looking for yourself or for someone else, either way a simple message is a start, a good start.  If you’re curious, even if you don’t quite know what you want yet, thats ok, get in touch in your own way. 

I help people get through tough times and so much more.

 Whats written below describes in more detail how i work.  You may want this information or you may just want a bit of time to get to get to grips with the idea of doing something to begin making changes.  Sometimes just asking for help can be the game changer.

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How do I Coach?

I use Body Mind Work, an Educational based approach using the Hudson Mind Theory.  This has been developed to effectively treat a myriad of mental, physical and behavioural conditions in a fraction of time when compared to other conventional methods.

There are times during a session when you will discover that this work is not conventional, so if you’re ready to discover new, easy and fast ways to change your mind then you’ve found the right person.

There may be tears but there will also be laughter……

What if the Mind is not the Brain?

As a Body Mind Worker we teach people how their mind works, which causes an interruption of old subconscious patterns and allows for natural changes in an upbeat, interesting and light way. Using the art of language to help people to over come and change from physical, mental and emotional problems.

Emotional Memory Images (EMI) are emotional memories that are regularly accessed by our minds that are played out on a screen in front of us, outside of us. This means information that we have stored that allows us to respond/react to situations throughout life, also known as learnings, are continually happening in front of us guiding and leading us, and this isn’t always constructive, and can actually be very limiting.

Watch the video below, “How the mind works” for more information on the screen that we unconsciously function through.

Memories can be linked with all emotions but its the memories that are perceived as a trauma that will often be the root cause of our problems. An incident in the past that could have been a threat to our survival, a situation that we didn’t understand or felt helpless in and because it hasn’t been dealt with, filed away, resolved (how ever we could be choosing to word it) by the unconscious mind, it is still repeating and playing on our screen outside of us, stuck, and can therefore be continuously triggering our fight or flight response,

We work with our clients to allow them to access and adjust their own ‘Screen‘.

As Body Mind Workers we observe where our clients are accessing this information from on their invisible unconscious screen, we then use the cues and markers they are sharing with us to allow them to alter what their seeing, we check in with the client moment by moment recalibrating as the changes are happening. And the beauty of this stuff is that because its all on the unconscious screen, the problem doesn’t need to be described or gone into. The more we talk about a problem the more we fire up our fight or flight response, the more cortisol (stress hormone) is produced and this has been said to smother the original problem making it harder to process. With a BMW practitioner you don’t even have to be consciously aware of your problem. The unconscious mind is super fast at communicating and indicates before we vocalise., we can not not communicate. Its fascinating watching how the mind is working and so beautiful witnessing the changes.

https://youtu.be/ybaKktuDzXk – How the unconscious mind works
https://youtu.be/HAjvEOzjibA – PTSD
https://youtu.be/mLxQzm0gOHE – CHRONIC PAIN

Body Mind Workers was founded to answer one question “Why is it that some clients remain with their problem even after every avenue for help and relief has been explored?”

Matt Hudson – Founder of Body Mind Workers


Body Mind Work a model for better physical and mental health